Each of our rings have their own blessed stories. We hope that both of you can make a glorious gift with us, and give it to your loved one. 



You are my sunshine; I would do anything to keep you by my side. 

Turns our loves into these rings and seal it with our fingers.

This would be the best dream of my life.



If Love is the most romantic dream in this world, 

I would use the rest of my life to weave the most beautiful dream for you. 

You just have to move forward, I will always be with you.



My dream of creating the never lasting love is to be with you.Love deeper than the Mariana Trench, Ages longer than the sun.

As our lives are deep, but never the works, the road may be long, but be with you, I would rather walk it slow.



When destiny pulls us together, My only desire would be given my best to let you be the luckiest person alive, Time would let us age, but it will never end our love.within my loving heart.



All of us are time travelers.
If we have been separated by space, we will still meet up together at the right moment.
Your name will always be in my deepest spot within my loving heart.



These rings will represent our never-ending love as a promise.My love for you will not be hidden away. 

The only thing I will give you is a commitment of love of your life.



Every mark represented moments of our testimony of love. 

In this life, I would only craving to walk through it with love with you. 

For the future of my life, you will be all I need.



When our love was created and bonded with the red string of fate.

There is no limit of love in our heart. 

To be with you till the end of my life, I have no regret.