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Rings are not just making vows, but also a proof of your relationship. By customizing your one and only pair of rings, it helps to enhance the bond between you and your significant other. The duration of the course is between 2 to 3 hours, transforming raw material into a finishing product. This will be a step by step learning course and with the guardian of the instructor, you will be able to finish your own creation and as well as forging precious memory together.



A heat treatment process that changes the physical properties of the material to reduce hardness and increase maliebility forfurther fabrications.

Engrave your love letters or numbers at the inner ring and wear it for a life time.

Measure your ring size with our specialized equipment.

Bend the material into circle with your ring size.

Trim off excessive material.

Join the interface together by heating.

Refining the ring is an important part of the process, patience and attentiveness brings out the perfect ring.